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Strawderman Financial's Own In-house generated SEO Lead system 

Strawderman Financial LLC offers Opt-In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads at extremely competitive prices vs the industry standard. We provides leads to agents in a close proximity of your choice, making the ideal in-person appointment lead. Strawderman Financial LLC  does not resell leads to clients or hold leads thus aging them. All leads are generated in real time and sent to the agents email instantly. Our leads are a great addition of activity to supplement with direct mail leads for more presentations.

These leads are great for your main source of leads and also compliment the direct mail leads very well.  You will need to purchase about 3 times the amount of these per week than what you usually run in direct mail to match the premium that you will write with direct mail.

The amazing thing about these leads is that they will typically start to become generated within 24-48 hours. This is great when you are looking to fill in time slots waiting for a direct mail order to come in or looking to take immediate action out in the field. 

Our lead system is generated via a SEO targeted campaign that we run through many search engine channels like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 

We target clients that are using keywords to search for things like final expense, burial coverage, and life insurance.

These clients then will click on a webpage that is marketed to that client and explain what burial coverage is and how they can qualify for it.  

It then proceeds to collect their information, name, gender, birthday, and address.  

As long as you requested leads from the "Counties" that they entered in the form fields then you will immediately be emailed the prospective clients information once they hit the submit button at the end of the form.  

Please make sure when you are filling the form out below that you are marketing to a "County" that has more than 200,000 people in population. If not you will need to enter multiple counties.  Also please make sure you put the name of the "State" as the state that you are running business in.  

Download the SEO Door Knock Lead Template Now

All sales are final 

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