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Wealth & Retirement

Preparing for the Future with Strawderman Financial

When it comes to building wealth and saving for retirement I get asked these 4 questions. 

How liquid is my money?

How safe is my money?

What does the Rate of Return look like?

What kind of Tax Advantages do I have?

When it comes to building wealth and planning for retirement to put it simple there are safe money strategies when put in place that will protect you from market fluctuation, principle protection. favorable access to cash value, no contribution limits, and tax free survivor benefit.

We sit down with you and figure out your main objectives and goals and then we come up with a solution to meet these objectives.  We have found that by using insurance products as a means to build extraordinary wealth it not only comes with the ultimate protection of capital but it also gives us the best chance to reach these objectives with the minimal amount of risk. 

Schedule a appointment with us today and let us show you how to reach your objectives in record time with safe money retirement products. 

Family Selfie

Life Insurance

Life is uncertain, so give the gift of love, reassurance, and safety to your family for when you pass away. Provide financial security and peace of mind by getting a Life Insurance Policy that is custom made to suit you and your families needs.

Dental Plans

Dental Plans

  • NO waiting to use the plan

  • Unlimited use

  • All dental conditions accepted

  • Activate your plan in 5 minutes

  • Start saving today

  • Vision plan included

Group Life & Health

Group Life & Health for Business's

Every year the cost of health insurance is increasing, making it difficult to continue to offer it to your employees and retirees. When we meet with an employer group, first and every time, we’ll ask questions to put together a comparison of plans based on your answers and the best value. We’re here to help make it an effortless process.

Retire Happy


It's never to late to plan for your retirement. You don't want to work until you die, and often life doesn't work out how we planned it. So start planning for a comfortable retirement of vacations on the beach or traveling the world.

Disability Insurance

Short & Long-Term Disability

Disability insurance protects your income from injuries and illnesses that prevent you from working. And with Breeze, the process is fast, affordable, and completely online.


Medicare Health Plans

Understanding medicare and all of it's moving parts is vital to adequate health coverage when you retire. Our agents will go over different options and how they work so that you can be in the best position possible to make a informed decision. 

Final Expenses

Final Expense

Burial/Funeral Protection is designed to relieve stress on your family during the grieving process, and is used to cover outstanding expenses and funeral costs after a loved one has passed away.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection

Your home may be your most valuable asset... don't take a chance on losing it. Protecting your home for yourself and your family could be the wisest move you ever make. What would happen if you were forced to leave your family home?

College savings Plans

College Savings & IULS

Do you want to send you children to college? Saving for college can provide increased flexibility in college or university choice, less debt, and can reduce student loan debt. Let's talk IUL's. IUL's (Indexed Universal Life Insurance) is a combination of your retirement & life insurance. 

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